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    Tire specification

    Author Admin Source Day 18-08-03

    Tire specification

    Tyre specifications are usually represented by a set of numbers, the first one denoting the width of the tire section, and the second one denoting the rim diameter in inches. For example, 165 / 70R14 represents 165 millimeters in width, 70 in flat and 14 inches in rim. The letters or symbols in the middle have special meanings: "X" means high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" means meridian tire; and "one" means low-pressure tire.


    Layer refers to the nominal number of layers of tire rubber, which is not completely consistent with the actual number of layers of tire rubber, and is an important index of tire strength. The level is marked in Chinese, such as 12 levels; in English, such as "14P.R", or 14 level.

    Wheel rim specification

    The wheel rim specification for matching with the tires. It is convenient for practical use, such as "standard rim 5.00F".

    Speed grade

    The tire carries the maximum load at specified conditions. The letters A to Z represent the certification speed grades of tires from 4.8km / h to 300km / h. The speed grade: Q:160km / h; R:170km / h; S:180km / h; T:190km / h; H:210km / h; V:240km / h;